Hey folks!

Just want to say Good bye to everybody. Gonna leave DDO because I´m tired of turbine fail.

It has been a great time, but the game has become more and more boring, annyoing and senseless.

People and guilds I do remember I played with and should be named and will never be forgotten.

Acu-1: friendly and good player
Apy: never stop zerging
Ceadis: no matter how many pl you have you are still gimp!
Trellon: I will miss your nerdrage, sweetheart
Menerael: Take care mate and I´m still waiting for some chezh beer u promised you´ll send me!
Chacka: +1 for always putting up a lfm when lvling and being still 20 times faster at cap then me
Calaria: werde das zocken mit dir echt vermissen!
Selvetran: thx for leading raids
Xartos: war immer lustig mit dir
Xardragon: take it easy
Q: the uber completionist

Legends of ancient Greece: you are maybe slow but great players
Ravensguard: constant source of amusement (I remember a ToD whipe on norm and grouping with longulus who was kicking everybody out of group who joined and had low hp) gonna miss that
Mondscheingarde: machts gut und nein Ich habe immer noch kein Gildengeld geklaut
Warswords: had been a great time tc all
Murderers: thx for good groups and raids
Deutschchannel: wenn ihr mal öfter was schreiben würdet wär der channel nicht tot ^^
Camp naughty bad fun: EE BYOH ftw

There are many more, sry if your not on the list. Many people I liked to play with left the game earlier then me anyway.

Take care all!