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    Dear Turbine, my group just failed the Dragon Chamber a few minutes ago, not due to player actions, but due to lag. I decided to come here to say something about this. A saw a certain word being used a lot in group while the lag was crippling us (usually many seconds after it was typed in chat), and will substitute it for the word puppy.

    Turbine, please fix the puppy lag, in this stupid puppy festival. Failing due to lag, and STILL NOT receiving my mother puppy key back is just a puppy joke.

    The challenge in this festival is not the puppy grouping mechanism, the puppy long time it takes for the chamber to open or the puppy enemies themselves. It is the mother puppy lag. So please fix this cluster puppy festival up so we can enjoy it properly. This is just un-puppy-believable.

    Oh, and BTW, the puppy vampires are still invisible.

    Have a good puppy day

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