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(snip) they care about what it fun FOR THEM and don't give a crude about anyone else. You are all campaigning to make the game as fun as possible for you no matter the impact it has on anyone else. I would actually enjoy seeing a game designed to be as free-form as possible so everyone can play it in the way they most enjoy, but even the mere suggestion throws people up in arms because people would be having fun and earning experience and items the "wrong" way (since the "right" way for everyone else to earn exp and items is whatever way the person posting thinks is most fun for himself). There is always a certain degree of satisfaction witnessing people get a taste of their own medicine. (snip).
Removing karma and not requiring people to level off destinies more than once does nothing but open the game up.

People, like me, who never want to play off destinies again, can still do multiple ETRs if we want, but we can level in the destinies we enjoy.

People who still want to switch destinies often or run each destiny with a better paired heroic class can do so. There would be no impediment to that.

I'm not suggesting that people must level the way I want to. I don't think anyone here has. The people lined up against the karma system, in general, have already been there and done that with off destinies and are fighting against forcing people to do that which is unfun. This is the complete opposite of the picture you are trying to paint of them.

BL: removing karma and using level cap as the requirement to ETR will add options for everyone.