Right now this is pretty much a n00b trap feat. It sounds really good - let fleshies benefit from repair heals - but it doesnt provide you enough benefit for what it costs:

Normal Fleshy: 100% Positive, 0% Repair. And Positive heals can be Empowered twice.
Normal WF: 80% Positive, 100% Repair. I cant imagine anyone would take the Repair Amp option...too many sources of Positive-only healing, even for a dedicated arcane WF (ie Cocoon and hirelings, most importantly)
CE Fleshy: 75% Positive, 50% Repair. So your penalties are greater than a WF for BOTH categories. And there's precious little way to raise your Repair Amp; even well before the end of Heroic, half-power Reconstructs are not enough to handle at-level content, let alone into Epic. All you're doing, in essence, is sacrificing your Positive healing for the ability to cast inadequate Repair spells on yourself.

I suggest that the Positive penalty be removed; it already costs a Feat and requires 3 levels in Arti, so I dont know why there should need to be an additional penalty for such a lackluster benefit. I'd also suggest the percentage on Repair might be ramped up, too. If WF can get 80 Pos/100 Repair for a couple AP, why shouldnt fleshies get 100 Pos/80 Repair for a feat? They wouldnt be a liability in groups with Divine healers, but they would be self sufficient with Repair heals.

I'd also love to see it opened up to Wizard and Sorc, at a higher level than 3 (like Evasion is 9 for a Ranger, but only 2 for a Rogue), or dropped down to only require Arti 1 or 2; that'd give more flexibility to make a self-healable fleshy arcane, without having to give up L9 spells.