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    Default Taking my break, too

    After the majority of my friends got banned two weeks ago, I've leveled heroic characters to 20. Now I noticed that they are banned for at least another 2 weeks because Turbine decided so. For me, this is enough of wasting time in ddo on characters that are not my prefered. So i am taking a break for as long as my friends are on their ddo "break" as well.

    I am a premium ddo player which is why i cant unsubscribe and post the screenshot of this here But I can let you, Turbine, know that I am really unhappy about how you handled the entire exploit. You in fact let the exploiting go on for at least 4 days instead of taking out the NPC's like you have always done it with Saga NPC's. You let people charge Astral Shards to buy the duped stuff on the Shard Exchange for a few days till you took that option out. You, instead of doing a maintenance right when you announced it, waited till monday to do that. Then you banned the people for 2 weeks. After these 2 weeks were over, you banned them again. How often will this happen? Till you managed to log every single character that duped? This could take months. I am from Germany but I know that in America you cannot be punished twice for the same crime. You have given all the exploiters a punishment for 2 weeks (as far as i know). Many of them got emails about how long their ban will be. Therefore, this punishement should end after 2 weeks if you apply this law on the people that were punished. But instead, you extend their bans with "extreme prejudice". I don't understand why? Because they have items that you don't want them to have? You had 2 weeks time to delete them because that's the ban that you gave them. YOU decided how long you have to delete the items.

    I've always spoke good about you towards other players, said, ddo is heaven compared to how korean companies handle their mmos. But even korean mmo's unban people after a week and a rollback that fixed the entire thing.

    Maybe see you soon, or not.
    Wish best wishes,

    p.s. I dun care if i get a punishment for this thread. Some things have to be said and I think that there are things that you should know. You have punished me a lot already by extending this ban and ruining my game play entirely.

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    Good luck. I don't know how many raids you've healed, but it's been a lot.
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    Thank you for playing DDO, and we hope to see you return to the game soon.
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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