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I'd strongly suggest looking around the builds section of the forum. I'm hesitant to make too many suggestions because we may not share the same play-style.

One thing I will strongly suggest though, is that you look at ways of getting self-healing. You will need it big style later on. (Hence the Druid example) I'm sure others can give you better advice that will fit with the way you play, but if you only take two things from me, I would hope it would be that you can Multi-Class and that you will need Self Healing.

Just as a side note, once you're back to level 5 ish start thinking about running Deleras so that you can get yourself a Voice of the Master You won't need it desperately on a First Life character, but you get 5% more XP while wearing it and it will help speed things up for you.
Thanks alot for the advice. You're absolutely right. One issue I've been having with my Barbarian is a lack of healing and general squishyness. So I will either make a barbarian/Druid or Barbarian/Paladin for the self heals, or a barbarian/Druid/Fighter for the heals AND the ability to wear heavy armor.