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    Default I Don't Want to Run Your Sagas

    I really don't. In fact, I haven't run one complete Saga yet.

    I really like DDO, but there are some quest which simply aren't fun at all.

    Trying to force Sagas on me to create replay value on something that I don't even want to do once, is not value. Creating a new problem that I'll have to spend around 1,500 TP to get around, isn't going to make me pay.

    When I bought your unfinished product, the Iconic classes/races, I had no clue that reincarnating them would be so far different from what had gone before. I feel ripped off now.
    No matter what happens, I will never buy another product from Turbine until all details are made firm and available to the public. I guess that means no more pre-orders.

    I am so close to quitting now. It's already very likely that once my TP from the "expansion pack" deal has run out, I will be cancelling my subscription. I think that if this system goes live, it will be the last nail in the coffin.

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    You capture the way I feel quite nicely.
    There is no free lunch.

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