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    Default Store suggestions from a new player who enjoys cosmetic items

    I started playing about a month ago and look forward to store promotions, but the recent sale on cosmetic items, something I very much want, left me a bit puzzled.

    1) I can preview armor kits and cosmetic armor, but I cannot preview hair styles and hair colors. I purchased one hair style blind, and will not make that mistake again. A search of your website and the internet did not turn up a single picture of the hair styles or hair colors in your store. I understand adding a preview feature may take some time. Until that happens, I respectfully suggest someone take screen shots of the various hair styles and hair colors and post them in a stickied thread in this forum.

    2) True Reincarnation, the preferred method of character advancement in this game, apparently destroys hair styles and hair colors I am expected to pay good money for. I find this a serious negative selling point for these items. I suggest making hair styles work like the cosmetic armor, equipping into a dedicated slot. I purchased two cosmetic armor pieces and was very happy to discover they bind to account and easily transfer between characters or into storage.

    3) I suggest modifying the descriptions of your cosmetic armor pieces to indicate they bind to account. I ultimately purchased one blind, but that reassurance would have spurred a quicker sale.

    4) I am unwilling to buy cosmetic armor kits for essentially disposable armor. I suggest converting all armor kits into cosmetic armors.

    5) Please considering offering a larger selection of reserved, realistic, armor cosmetics for female characters. By realistic, I mean armor that covers and protects all vital areas without the necessity for gigantic shoulder pads and excessive decoration. For inspiration, you need look no further than your sister game, Lord of the Rings Online.

    Thank you.

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    I agree. the cosmetic system on the store is a schizophrenic mess.
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