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    Default Suggestions For Reincarnation

    This really deserves its own thread. There has been a lot of discussion on the threads about what players want out of reincarnation and now that Glin has stepped up and given us the expectation that tokens of the twelve are indeed planning to be phased out, I thought I would put the best two points I have seen made concisely regarding this topic. I will give them credit where credit is due and elaborate on the points a bit.
    Quote Originally Posted by oradafu View Post
    I don't want to run Sagas just to TR.

    I don't want to run just new content that isn't very good compared to older content.

    I don't want to be forced to gain BTC comms to TR.

    I want my purchase for the most EXPANSIVE non-expansion pack to keep its value.

    Doesn't seem like any of those points got through to anyone at Turbine... And those are some of the key complaints. There are others complaints also. But as usually, it's fingers in the ear and full steam ahead for Turbine's new shiny system.
    Look, Glin, I know you guys really want everyone to buy the new expansion pack. I have and I think it's awesome. But I have seen a lot of complaints about them.
    • A lot of players love sagas for the tomes, the XP, and the guild renown. But many players don't. Don't force us to run sagas to TR (see more on this below).
    • Shadowfell effects hurt the eyes. I've heard this so many times I cannot keep track of it. That alone is incentive for a large number of players not to run Wheloon.
    • Through a Mirror Darkly is a lot like Inferno of the Damned, you either hate it or love it. Many players avoid Inferno as much as possible, only doing once on elite hoping to get the pieces they need for a sigil. It's an annoying quest for many.
    • Dungeon scaling in Wheloon and Storm Horns is really insane. The number of mobs seem to increase exponentially with each player. If you're in a six-man group, even a well-built toon can have trouble navigating the area simply due to the sheer number of mobs with hamstrings and dungeon alert. If he gets left behind or if some players choose to teleport and others do not want to or do not have enough shards, there's little hope. Seriously, you go from having like 2-3 mobs for one player to 20-30 for a full group. It's auto-dungeon alert and it's annoying.
    • Many of the new quests are just straight-forward run to the end and kill the boss. I could go into detail on each specific quest where there could be improvements but I've already offered my feedback during dev events on Lamannia and through bug reports.
    • For players who don't like these quests you have four sagas which require Wheloon or Storm Horns quests. Considering their high-level, your stated goal of "a few hours" to gather commendations of valor to heroic TR is simply not realistic. Glin, you yourself said, "A quest can overlap two or more sagas. In the situation where a quest is in multiple sagas, you will receive completion credit for each saga, for example, completing “A stay at the Inn” from the Update 16 Adventure Pack will reward credit in 3 Saga’s (b, c, e above). In this way, you can complete 5 sagas by playing 36 quests, and various combinations within that scenario if you prefer to skip some content." How is that even remotely realistic for a level 20 toon who might only be specced for a level 1-18 life to get a past life to accomplish given that most of those 36 quests you mention are level 23+?

    Quote Originally Posted by Deadlock View Post
    Why not just replace fragments of the twelve with Commendations of Valor in their current quantities so they drop in chests instead? Replace Tokens of the Twelve with 50 Commendations of Valor and Greater Tokens of the Twelve with 100 Commendations of Valor? Add Commendations to all epic end reward chests so all quests give something towards a TR, not just the ones where Fragments and Tokens drop right now.

    Problem solved until you can implement these additional methods at a later date?

    And make them BTA.
    This is a brilliantly simplistic idea and I think you guys should get to work on it ASAP if you are insisting on phasing out tokens of the twelve. I don't mind if you phase them out as long as you give us OPTIONS. Give us a unified epic experience so that ALL epic quests drop commendations of valor relevant to their challenge. And I do mean ALL epic quests. Eberron epic quests, FR epic quests, epic raids, and give us the opportunity to exchange Cannith challenge and Eveningstar Challenge ingredients for commendations of valor. The Cannith challenge part is really crucial because the Houce Cannith quests and challenges have been marginalized enough as it is. As many people have stated, they bought the challenge pack specifically to farm epic ingredients and trade them for tokens. Again, Glin, you said
    Quote Originally Posted by Glin View Post
    I would like to see it cleaned it up as a system, consolidate the items, get the right balance, etc. But not at the detriment of people enjoying the game. ...or excluding content.
    (emphasis my own) Don't exclude content. Make the commendations of valor apply to ALL epic quests and modify the rewards according to difficulty and your explicitly stated goal of a character being able to earn a Heroic Heart of Wood within a few hours. This should be possible for a level 20 character of moderate power and a player with a fair knowledge of the game and skill. For a player TRing the first or second time, this might take a little longer, but that is part of the TR experience.

    And because many, many, MANY players prefer to eschew epic content for now, or more or less indefinitely, make these commendations of valor Bound to ACCOUNT. Please!

    Finally, and this has been brought up before as well, please give us a barter system to trade tokens of the twelve, greater tokens of the twelve, and token fragments for commendations of valor when you DO phase out the token system. Many players have put MANY hours in to questing for these. Don't let all that hard work go completely to waste.

    Thank you for listening. I hope you respond to player feedback on this. We have told you quite clearly what we want and how we play the game and while there is a diversity of play styles, there is a pretty strong consensus about most of these issues, the king of which is BTA. Not everyone has alts to farm for heart of wood mats, but for those of us who do, we would very much like to think that these toons are worth something other than two "endgame" (I use that word loosely) raids which are 4 and 3 levels BEHIND the level cap.

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    Default Supporting point about Cannith Challenges

    I want to add my support to the idea that players purchased the Cannith Challenge pack because it allowed them to earn a Druidic Heart of Wood. Removing this ability from this set of challenges would feel like a "bait-n-switch" scam. Update the names of the currency to stabilize the game if needed but please don't remove the ability to acquire the Heroic True Reincarnation item from this challenge pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whoanellie View Post
    I want to add my support to the idea that players purchased the Cannith Challenge pack because it allowed them to earn a Druidic Heart of Wood. Removing this ability from this set of challenges would feel like a "bait-n-switch" scam. Update the names of the currency to stabilize the game if needed but please don't remove the ability to acquire the Heroic True Reincarnation item from this challenge pack.
    Bait n switch 2 and a half years later?

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    Guys this is old news notice the date of the post you are replying too.

    Heroic True Reincarnation are now unchanged except for the name. It will continue to be purchased with Tokens of the Twelve as they are now.

    Try to keep up.

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