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    Default Add Commendations of Valor to every raid chest.

    Raids at least so far are not part of Sagas.

    If this change is going to go through for obtaining TR hearts then it may be a good idea to also have the commendations of valor also drop in chests in raids. In my opinion both heroic and epic raids. Just have the count scale accordingly making epic the more attractive version to run.

    Make them be affected by ransack. That would limit Tempest spamming as it can be reset instantaneously.

    That would increase the opportunity for the playerbase to obtain them and give more incentive to raid in general.

    IMO, increase the commendations dropping out of Sagas and add commendations dropping in raid chests.

    This can be used to incentivize running raids as there will be a reward that all players can use.

    This may be a good way to generate a Renaissance for raids as it gives something for everyone. Logic behind dropping them in every chest is that it will still soften the blow of a wipe because some progress was made towards the end goal.

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    Players don't use exp pots or sib cakes in raids.

    Healthy for the game and enjoyment of the players to put tokens in raids? Definitely.
    Healthy for Turbine's profits? Unlikely.

    You can see the motivation behind every single change Turbine has made to the game of late (hint: it's not in the interest of the game's health). Don't get me wrong, f2p systems work, but not this one anymore.

    2 days until the launch of domination league in PoE. \o/

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