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    Hey Argon,

    I've finally found the time to post my three builds on forums - under custom character builds section - and here I want to keep an index as a reference for me, guildies and friends.

    If you play endgame and FOT often you probably already know me Avenlight, Korsat and Zendark are my characters:

    Avenlight - Human 12Fvs/6Monk/2Pal - Divine Crusader

    Link to build:

    (Old build) Avenlight - Human 17Cleric/2Monk/1Fighter - who said clerics cannot dps?

    Link to build:
    Short video:

    Korsat - Dwarf 18Wizard/2Monk - my main, I simply love my final life. If you see a wizard with an axe around it's me!

    Link to build:
    Short video:

    Zendark - HalfElf (con be Human) 12Monk/6Ranger/2Fighter - TOP dps, versatiliy and survivability all in 1.

    Link to build:
    Short video:

    If you have questions about one of my builds feel free to send me a tell in game and I'll be glad to help you.

    See you in game guys
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    Avenlight - Human - 12Fvs/6Monk/2Pal/8Epic
    Avenlight - Human - 17Cleric/2Monk/1Fighter/8Epic
    Korsat - Dwarf - 18Wizard/2Monk/8Epic
    Zendark - Halfelf - 12Monk/6Ranger/2Fighter/8Epic

    Korsat's Build Index

    ROS, Argonessen.

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