1) I recognize that Turbine doesn't make a lot of money off me any more (I own all the packs and rarely purchase TP), I do, however, still purchase the expansions, which means that I'm still dropping probably 40 or 50 bucks a year on the game.

2) There will be no more Purr I'm a Kitten on Cannith because the New Mechanic for getting True Hearts of Wood is more than I'm willing to do to keep TRing. The quests in the sagas aren't fun enough for me to be willing to do it. Now look, I'm not saying 10 devil assaults or 20 runs of Time is Money is wee super fun, but I'm willing to put in a few hours every time I want to TR. I'm not willing to put in a few hours for 17 valor whatevers and then repeat that 50 times.

3) I guess that's what it comes down to: I'm willing to spend maybe 5 or 10 hours doing repetitive quests getting enough Tokens to TR. I'm not willing to spend 250 hours doing repetitive quests to TR.

4) I do not understand why Turbine is doing this. I've really enjoyed my time here. I love DDO and Cannith (my brothers and I rolled up Grrummsh, Burnemall, and Purr the first week Cannith went live). I'm happy for all the good times and the friends I made. Making Completionisht last year was one of my happiest achievements, and I'm sad it looks like fewer people will get to enjoy that in the future.

5) Turbine staff, thanks for all of you hard work and dedication to the game. I know that you guys love your creation as much as I do. I whish everyone the best.

6) I'll be around for a while until I cap I guess, so this is maybe a little pre-emptive, but I thought Turbine should know that this is a consequence of their decision: i.e. hurting the players that love them.