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    Default Quest 'Mark of the Dragon' Broken?

    I cannot complete the quest 'Mark of the Dragon', bestowed by Lockania in the Marketplace. Each time I attempt the quest Lockania asks a series of questions, I answer them, she says I have demonstrated my knowledge of dragonmarks, a message flashes that I have unlocked dragonmarks on the server, and then the quest stalls. The quest does not advance to 'Completed' in my quest log. When I go outside and speak with Lockania, she tells me to go back inside and do what I just did. On the Marketplace map, the entrance to her shop continues to flash, after having 'demonstrated my knowledge'. I cannot abandon the quest. Logging and rebooting do not solve the problem. I have tried at least a dozen times with two different accounts and this quest will not 'Complete'. It is, essentially, an endless loop. A forum search revealed a fair number of posts concerning the same problem, but I cannot find a solution. Is this quest broken?

    Thank you.

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    It works just fine for me. I just tested it and got my free feat exchange token.

    (Advancement): Adventure Completed
    You receive 0 XP.

    Shows up in my chat every time, I complete the quiz. And yes, the "outside" Lockania still tells me to go inside
    I dont know if its important, I took the quest a long while ago.
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    hrmn... methinks the days of Drow bearing the Least Dragonmark of Shadow may be numbered.

    In the mean time, Lockania darling~ where's my 50 pieces of gold you thieving wench!?!

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