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    Default Dear Turbine

    Dear Turbine,

    Look at your records. I've been a player of this game since the beginning. I've really enjoyed most of my trip through Eberron and Toril, and the fun culminated with Menace of the Underdark. You had a hit there. Just the most awesome mix of new content and level expansion. Things were a bit rough, but you did a fantastic job. I'm sure at that very moment, you were raking in the dough, and most of your playerbase was happy.

    Then it happened. You changed the formula. You took away some of the amazing things you gave us in an attempt to create balance and symmetry. Many of the item effects we came to enjoy were removed, and it made this player very VERY sad. The feeling of excitement when I opened up a chest hoping to find a Scintillating rapier of a Thousand Suns was gone. Maybe it wasn't even possible. But now I KNOW it isn't possible. You ruined my fantasy. In time, I learned to forgive you because you told me you'd be changing things again soon--

    Fast forward to Friday. Still no news of the lost affixes and suffixes being returned, AND another betrayal: word that on the Test server the ability to TR would be significantly increased in difficulty. It felt like my best friend had stolen something from me.

    I am hurt very much by your actions. I want to forgive you, but I don't know if I can. Our relationship just isn't what is once was. It used to feel mutual between us: a symbiosis between a user and the wizards that made the magic happen.

    Friday the magic died.

    Can you bring it back?


    A Very Sad Panda
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