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    Default Please consider an alternative to "Comms of Valor" for Druidic Hearts

    While Turbine has not come out and spilled their agenda to us (and likely never will), it pretty clear that the goal is to move away from and/or completely remove Tokens of the Twelve (previously Epic Dungeon Tokens).

    Turbine: if this is the goal, then why not consider allowing other items as currency to purchase True Druidic Hearts of Wood? Why must it be a new currency that is tied to driving your new Sagas system? If Tokens of the Twelve are going away, I would not be AT ALL miffed if I was able to purchase True Druidic Hearts with, say, Cannith Challenge materials. Or some other "currency" that is earned through some kind of standard, HEROIC gameplay.

    Because Heroic TR efforts consist of questing levels 1-20, and then back to Korthos for 1-20 again, it seems fair to me that a player ought to be able to perform a "reasonable" amount of Heroic quest grinding to accumulate enough "bits" to acquire a True Druidic Heart of Wood so that they may TR again.

    I certainly understand if you are trying to manipulate a wide audience of your playerbase to get involved with your "new shinies." But please understand that Epic Saga Rewards and Heroic TRing are two activities that are in no way aligned with one another. Give us a synergistic, Heroic-side, "reasonable" grind, and I suspect you will likely be able to reach an accord with your players. Otherwise, I fear that you will be making a grievous mistake, and you will alienate an audience of players that are still happy occasionally spending money on a game that they truly enjoy.

    Thank you for taking the time to read, and pass this feedback on to the decision-makers. I am still skeptical of what good this post will do. But, at least I have said my piece on the matter.

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    Agreed, there needs to be a move towards one, unified "global" currency for general-use NPC purchases, which you can convert "regional" currencies into. Tokens served that purpose, before, but I (and no one else does either, apparently) don't understand why they're introducing a NEW global currency when they already had one that worked fine.

    Just keep Tokens as they are, have Sagas give Tokens as rewards, and let all your regional currencies (Cannith and ES challenge mats, collectables like GH Relics, Necro Scarabs, Orchard Tapestries/Tomes/Shield, etc., Reaver dragon gem sets, ES Commendations, and so on) convert to Tokens (or Token Fragments, probably, for Heroic content) at a rate that expresses the difficulty and time they take to obtain.

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