The in-game prices for the new hearts are ridiculous. No if, ands, or butts about it. But like so many other changes, I have little hope it will get scrapped. Instead I will make a proposal that hopefully makes the whole thing palpable.

1) Leave token turn-in as is. 20 tokens will get you a heart as before. This is 1st because how important this is to retain long time playing players. Sure some have 100s if not 1000s, enough to never use your new system. That's fine IMO - they've invested the time, bought your packs, etc. Do not arbitrarily punish your long time players, please.

2) Remove all fragment, token, and gtr token of the 12 drops.

3) The end chest of any and ALL, I mean ALL epic quest drop v-comm. Old epics with fragments and tokens drop v-comm instead, v-comm are added to eGH and ALL Forgotten Realms epics.

4) Drop Rate: 1 guaranteed in EN chest, 50% on e-casual, 1d2 on EH, 1+1d2 on EE. Epic raids drop 3x number of comms.

5) Saga Rewards: 10 EN/Casual, 15 EH, 25 Elite, 40 True Elite

6) Heart Costs: Heroic Heart: 100, Iconic Heart: 125, Epic Heart: 200

FYI I am not one who has 100s of tokens saved up. I have enough for maybe 3 hearts with 2 completionists in the works and several I plan on at least 3 lives. I've purchased several hearts from the store and WOULD again as I mostly solo and grinding tokens is simply not fun for me and have no qualms paying to bypass it.

If TRing is implemented on live as currently on Lamma there is no chance in hell I will ever TR again, not because I wont buy hearts from the store because I have and would again. Unless this system is changed to not be such a middle finger to players I will simply boycott the entire system.

My 2 coppers.