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    Default Thanks for all the Fish.. VIP cancelled

    Unfortunately the stink is getting to be to be a bit much.

    I will still continue to play for now, but losing my dedicated focus and cancelling VIP will ultimately be the beginning of the end.

    Had a great time playing the game and met a lot of great people.

    Not happy with the direction the game is taking,.. but hey it is their game, all I can do is choose not to pay or play

    The Destroyer of Loot Dev and crew retroactively screwing my loot was a big nail in the coffin.. my loot was precious to me.. anyone who played with me knew I enjoyed the treasure hunt.

    Current Lamannia preview just shows me Turbines lack of interest in dealing with the issues in the game and failure to keep that carrot dangling for me.

    Now time to start deleting alts and box toons that I will no longer have access to.... this may take a while...

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    I wont resub until something is done about the horrid loot tables..

    But i also wont make a big fuss about posting my pending cancellation either..
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