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    Default Dragonmarks - parity

    The use, usefulness and equity/parity of the different marks is somewhat out of whack.

    Things that affect the HP scale directly need to be on a different usage level than those that are utility-based. Provide those (healing, storm) with more uses by default. Displacement, Radiant Forcefield, etc. are all scaled well - and prevent large amounts of damage. Sometimes different levels of different marks have alternate scaling as well - take that into account. D-Door has super utility, it doesn't need more - but there's really no point to invest heavily in the Mark of Storm because while it does damage, it is so little for so much.

    Alternate Abilities
    Love the alternate abilities some marks give. Storm for one - and honestly that's probably the best use for the mark PERIOD and even it is lackluster. Add the option to all marks (w/ AP cost).
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    I'd say just make all DMs give their skills as free SLAs (like FvS capstone), and up the level/AP requirement a bit for each tier. BF get a Reconstruct SLA, so how is that really any different than Halflings getting a Heal SLA, if they spend a feat and more AP for it? Or if that's too much, then at least make the charges regenerate, with longer regen times for more powerful SLAs, and shorter times for things like Electric Loop or CLW, where 5 uses per rest isn't even worth slotting it on your hotbar.

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