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Hearts are returning to the Lahar.
they are, but there's no guarantee that tokens and fragments will continue to actually drop. is that good enough for you? that would still impact players who don't have stacks of the tokens to turn in.

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• Along those lines, for over a year DDO has not been adding to the Twelve tokens reward system, quite the opposite, and we will continue to deprecate this system over time. As this is being written, the design team is discussing a few approaches to how this will be done.
(emphasis mine)

they are going to nix tokens for hearts. if you already know this, why wait until they do it? you may not - in fact probably will not find all this support next time, because if we don't get a decent fix for this now, then
a) some of us will have voted with our wallets and feet and simply won't be here, and
b) less of us left will see a point in protesting.