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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanhelin View Post
    Fewer players is not the answer, because it needs more opinions against this idea. Fewer players = fewer opposite opinions. Log in but do nothing. Just sit there (it's hard I know, but there is no other way to make the devs think about it). Fight back!
    How does this hurt turbines bottom line with money or how does it show a decrease in log ons to show that people are leaving. It has zero chance to be noticed by the powers that be and effecting things. Real sit ins disrupt day to day operations of a location and get their notice that way.

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    I don't buy TPs since the expansion. I don't like the changes and I'm not spending money until I see something good from Turbine. They should AT LEAST care to listen about our opinions on the stupid changes they want to make.
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    I pre-ordered U19 and bought a bunch of points... I regret that.

    I decided months ago that while I may be maintaining VIP for a while yet, I would not buy more points. The original U20 concepts solidified my stance.

    I briefly thought that better ideas were forming with the new concepts announced for U20. Now I see that the good idea was a fluke.

    I am a total capitalist and I have zero issue with a company making money off its customers. Even Turbine. But! If you want to make money off me, make a better product. I've reduced my playing from 12 characters down to 1. With the current state of the game that's all I care to play any more. My turbine points are low and I'm slowly filling them up by TR'n my one character. If I get to 20 and cannot buy another True Heart with earned Turbine Points or by running at most a dozen epics quests total for tokens I can see my time here ending.

    I'll hate it because I've loved this game. But, Turbine, you need to start earning my money again, I'm not just going to give it to you for old times sake.

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