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    Default Vengeful Light, FVS/cleric DD/AoV

    Build idea came from one of the dev's in their posts for possible builds post enhancement pass. Main goal of the build is to try and combine the SLA's, spell power, crit %, and bonus caster levels from AoV and DD.

    build is a 13/7 fvs/cleric split
    13 fvs offers shoulder cannon, heal, and Blade Barrier
    7 cleric offers SLA's in DD, and sun bolt.

    sun elf(more for convenience of lvl 15 starting point)
    stats: - could really use some advice on stat-distribution. DC's seem like a waste, so not sure whether it'd be better to invest in con or cha
    14 lvl ups here

    I don't think DC's will be terrible important, so i won't focus on them. Not sure whether to put level ups into con or charisma, either more spell points or more
    Feats: 1 feat shy, not sure what to take
    mental toughness
    improved mental toughness

    epic feats:
    epic mental toughness
    epic toughness
    forced escape
    light spell power

    DD=37 points full crit, spell power, SLAs
    AoV=31 points, full crit, scourge, bonus caster levels, smiting, should cannon
    warpriest= 12pts, +15 hp, +10prr + 6 armor +15light and fire sp, DR/5-.

    spell powers:
    light: 139 enhancements + 90 gear + 30 spell craft + 21 implement + 30 EA= 310
    fire : 89 enhancements +90 +30 +21=230
    force: 79 enhancements +90+30 +21=220

    Spell critical:
    16% enhancement chance for light crit
    8 % chance for everything else to crit

    So, realistically, a 30% crit rate for light spells is easy to achieve, and ~20% for everything else, we also have caster level bonuses, +4 light, +4 fire, +3 force:

    so,now lets look at our casting options(all SLA's will be CL 11 or higher, full meta's,)
    Nimbus of light CL11: ~117 light
    Searing Light CL11 : ~206 light
    Holy Smite CL11 : ~206 AoE good(light sp)
    Flame strike CL11 : ~121 fire, 121 Untyped
    Avenging Light CL21: ~335 light damage(might be underestimated. On live, with less light SP, seems to average 390)
    Divine Wrath CL23: ~901 light damage

    Shoulder Cannon CL 17(13+4)= 19*2.55= 48.45/ hit

    regular spells: max,emp/normal
    sunbolt CL 11: 454/293
    blade barrier CL 15: 283/168
    Divine Punishment,CL17: 130/84 per tick per stack

    All in all, the light damage should be pretty good, and casting divine wrath every 20 seconds shouldn't be an issue. Originally, I had intended to pick up the sun burst SLA and the 30 light sp from the sun elf tree, but it would require 18 points, and i'm just not sure where i can remove the other 6 from.

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    Apart from extra SPs and Archon, I'm not sure what this build has going for it that, say, cleric 18 / FvS 2 can't do better: higher-lvl spells, higher CL, better DCs (I count at least 4 DC-dependent spells on your list, two w/Reflex saves), raid-capable healer, etc.

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