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    Default EE What Goes Up: Not So Flawless Solo

    1st try: "Stoneskinned" on a 2nd pillar, wasn't able to reach the shrine.
    2nd try: Fell down while beating the very first pack of orcs and ragequitted xD
    3rd try: Complete.

    Deaths: Assassin's crit (was trying to stack up blitz, didn't pay attention on 0% fortification lol), Shadowar's Symbol of Stunning, Fell Down.

    P.S.: That was easier then EE Breaking the Ranks form my point of view.

    P.P.S.: Did u really have doubts, nubtuss? >.>
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeonardo View Post
    Pay 3 scrolls, win 1 scroll. You're right. It's not p2w its p3w1 or just p3w!
    U12. It's kinda like that.

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    Lies! All lies!

    PS Nice job man!

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    Hey thats me talking in channel!!

    Haha, congrats though, that build is seriously uber.

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    Ckarlock Alarm (PDK bard 7 fighter 6 rogue 2) life 17
    Dragonbloodz Power (Drow sorc 20/epic 8) life 6
    Sorinsal (Drow rogue 20/epic 5) life 2
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    What I think is OP is anyone who uses implemented game mechanics, standard game features, or their own skill to be more effective in quests then I am - so I then find the time to post complaints about their use of implemented game mechanics, standard game features, or their own skill thus making me OP on the forums.
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    Here's a new flash for the people who have not evolved and still play sponge toons: you serve no purpose. it's rude, but it's the truth. Divines are powerful, have been for a long time. They don't need you. If you need them you add no value to the group.

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    You died 3 times - this isn't an achievement!

    Nubtuss still has his doubts =D
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    And tonight I'm going to try it. I'll get it on the first try*, nubs.

    *with tons of recalls.
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    I don't think you get a choice.. you are Rys's minion..

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