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    Default Are savant caster level increases working correctly?

    Noticed they aren't giving me a DC increase with Heighten, not sure if they are actually totally broken, or they are still adding damage dice, but intentionally nerfed or accidentally broken so it doesn't raise your spell level to synergize with heighten.

    That is to say it used to be if you raised your caster level through Arcane Augmentation, ED's or Savant PrE, enough that your elevated caster level could theoretically get you the next spell level, then you would get increased DC from it when you used heighten as you might expect it to work.

    Tested on a lowbie vet status toon, 4 levels of sorc can cast 2nd level spells (+1 DC if you heighten a level 1 spell) add two Savant cores (Air savant tested) this makes your caster level effectiely 6 which qualfiys for 3rd level spells and should (worked in the past) allow heighten to boost your Sonic blast DC or Electric spells DC by +2, tested with various electric and sonic spells.
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    Caster level is (technically) a separate thing from class level which is a separate thing from spell level.

    You need a certain amount of class levels to be able to apply for a spell level. Your caster level only determines how powerful your spell damage/healing is.
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