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    Default Legends now recruiting

    Where adventurer's are born and Legends live. Do you have the stuff Legends are made of?
    Legends is looking for a few good members. Level 93 Guild with a well known name now accepting active players to join our sides.

    Established: May 4th, 2010
    Guild level : 93
    Leader: Fizban
    Successor: Goolan

    Average Playtime: Peak 4pm CST to 2am CST, there is almost always a Legends player online
    Raids We Do: All
    Raids per Week: Only the raid timers limit us

    Recruiting: Players that are interested in joining Legends can apply via our website application and complete a small questionnaire( 2 mins) we will do the rest
    Ventrilo: A dedicated Ventrilo (Vent) account for Legends players only. A valuable game enhancement tool.

    Info: Legends is a guild of common minded players that enjoy all things Dungeons & Dragons. We love to run and complete raids on all difficulties (see one of our raid nights or epic nights)
    as well as complete quests like Proof is the Poison or Mirra's Sleepless Nights.
    If you need something, we are there to help with equipment to flagging. We have characters of all levels A Legends player stands out as a well oriented individual
    who isnt afraid to help out other gamers, not just our guildies.
    Legends aspires to continue to be a solid guild with good players.

    History: The founding Legends players have been playing DDO since the game launched in February 2006. Legends is located on the Khyber server so look us up when you get a chance.
    Many like minded and experienced players came together to build a guild that not only offers a great quality of questing but other D&D experiences as well.
    Since the launch of Legends leaders, officers and members have succeeded in maintaining a strong guild with a solid reputation for being solid players as well as good in-game citizens.

    Additional Information: Legends is our guild name on Khyber however we have a presence on all other DDO servers under the guild banner of "Legends of Khyber".
    So if you see one of us around be sure to say hello.
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    Default direct link

    For those of you who asked heres the direct link to the registration page
    look forward to running with you
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