[Everyone, please keep the discussion civil and on topic, this is important and I'd rather not have the thread cubed]

Over the past couple days, I have seen friends and guildies log into the game while they were supposed to be "out on mandatory vacation". My first reaction was "woah how did you...!?" but when I brought it up with them, they were as surprised as I was and obviously could not get in the game themselves. The consensus was that some GMs were logging in to put in action their "extreme prejudice" policy that has been stated here on the forums. The accounts are completely locked out to players, so this is clearly not a "hacked" account or stolen password.

I don't really care what the punishment is for the recent exploit, this is not what this thread is about, but am very concerned about how the GMs are logging in as the players themselves, which brings up many serious questions about own information:

- Do GMs have access to my username and/or password? If so, do they have access to an encrypted password or plain text? If not, how are they accessing the accounts?

- Do GMs have access to my real name, home address, email, phone number & payment information? (All available given the information above)

- What are the limitations for GMs when logging into the game as a player? Can they impersonate the player and communicate (chat/tell/etc...) with others? Can they receive communication from tells, guild chat, general chat or user channels (e.g.: from people who assume it is really the player)?

- Do GMs have full access to the characters that players do? (Can they play as the character, post LFMs, trade, buy/sell stuff, destroy items)

And to sum up:

- In what situations are GMs allowed to access my personal/account information and how can they use my this information?

- What is Turbine doing to make sure this access is not abused by GMs (I don't expect perfect GM compliance with Turbine policy here, I've played the game long enough to witness many GM infractions, there will always be those that go too far but this goes beyond anything else...)

Thank you
- A concerned player