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    Default Now I can finally enjoy the game!

    No Bigby's boxes
    No Otto's boxes
    All lives pure to 20

    I have 24 pages of my Epic DDO journey written on our guild blog, an exerpt:

    "Life 7 – Rogue

    The Shadow knows….

    Llew crouched in the shadows of the tavern, his face slick with perspiration, the thick, constricting haze all taverns seem to have wafting about his face, muscles tensed for action. Fluffykittenwhiz, his trusty Mineral II Quarterstaff, sparkled ever so gently in his tense, but loose, grasp. His beady little hideous half elven eyes sparkled in the low light as the 2 guards sauntered by, talking about the new dental plan Aerritrikos had proposed: Really?! Bridges would be only paid at 80%? One of the guards farted, and the smell of mutton and gravy, and possibly a few deadly feverblanches caressed Llewndyn’s nostrils, the acrid and pungent scent making him snurl his nose and stifle a giggle… Gross! Then it happened.

    It started quietly enough, and Llewndyn was sure it would be a silent, but deadly reminder a well-trained thief acrobat rogue had been there, but then the intensity suddenly picked up, and he almost filled his trousers. The sound reverberated off the walls, and one of the guards, turning with a shocked perfect “O” formed with his mouth, stood there transfixed, until the smell hit him, curling his mustache up even farther. Time to spring into action!

    Llewndyn sprang from the shadows with a squeak of rage, smashing the first guard in the trousers with his quarterstaff in a blaze of fury… for 21 damage. The guard brushed this off and punched Llewndyn calmly in the face, stunning the young whelp and setting off a frenzy of a beatdown that would be replayed on a small LCD screen in the Tower of Despair until this day."

    This has been a great journey, all lives except Paladin. I was going to post an excerpt from Paladin, but the chat filters would render my words unreadable. Now I can finally play the game and enjoy it! Yay!

    I am a casual player, so the majority of my completionist life was gotten in 2 hour increments, as I only play 2 hours a day. I would have gotten completionist last week, but I wanted to max out GMoF first (monk was last life)

    Thank you ALL for your help carrying my gimp, useless and poorly played butt through some of the tougher quests (curse you Kobold Assault!!!!), and I'll see you in game!

    If you want to read more of my writings (I have almost 100 posts much like the excerpt above), you will either have to join our guild or get into the guild fellowship. I have no idea how to do either.

    Ghallanda - LLEWNDYN 27 Necro Wiz (completionist) + other random uncared for players - Blackmoor Defenders
    Thelanis - Llewndyn (FVS), Brickadoom Jenkins (barb/ ftr)
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    It's time for...

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