I am thinking on making a character that I can get too 28 since I just bought expansion. The classes I enjoy the most are Bards, Arti, Druid, Cleric. And mainly for there abillity to cast spells and do damage with a weapon. (Arti is Repeater. Druid is Flame Blades in wolf form, Bard warchanter greatsword, and WF cleric LoB.) Is there any combination for 28 pt that would give me a similar ending of doing good spell damage and weapon damage or no? Or should I just pick one and go pure, if so which one is more noob friendly.

I'm gussing druid or arti is easier because the spell damage stat I can use for everything with druids flame blades using wis as damage.

And bard is the worst cause frozen fury and there melee damage drops off at endgame?

Thanks and plz put anything.