just used a LR on a level 18 barb and specifically watched the dodge numbers on the character sheet as I leveled up. after each level that granted uncanny dodge, I checked the character sheet. the first 4 were fine. feat page said I had acquired this feat X number of times and I had X dodge bonus displayed. after the 5th time though, the feat page said I had acquired it 5 times but the character sheet still shows me as having 4% dodge.

bug with the character sheet or does the 5th uncanny dodge feat not work correctly? I searched for other threads and found a few discussing dodge bonuses not stacking correctly but they always talked about at least 2 or 3 components - dodge feat + mobility feat + enhancements and / or items. but didn't see anything that talked just about the uncanny dodge feat itself.

appreciate any feedback folks can provide or point me to where this has been addressed as a known issue