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    Default Build Feedback - Melee Dwarf Artificer

    Greetings All,

    I am looking for some build feedback.

    I love playing artificers. I am turning my favorite toon into a caster/ranged artificer. Which happens to be what my current arti is. So rather than have two of the same types of builds I thought I would try something different. And yes I know about warforged, but I won't play a warforged. =)

    Race would be a dwarf mainly for Dwarven Axes, but also for flavor. I have been playing human's a lot and am looking for something a bit different.

    This build is roughly and loosely modeled on the Juggernaught build.

    I am currently a human with Construct Essence, so I know the pros and cons. I like the self sufficiency, and I have been easily able to hit myself for 500-600 reconstructs. Which works for me.

    I played with going 2 Ranger or 2 Pally. I went for the Pally for the boost in saves. No sense in having evasion if I cannot use it at the later levels. Divine Might in the Enhancement line is just a bonus.

    Though I am open to feedback for having the Bow Strength and Many Shot available with the Ranger splash.

    My main thought on this was running around with a Dwarven Axe and Rune Arm. Though I certainly like the CoN or TurW. I think in a melee build going with an AOE arm like Arching Sky would likely be better since I will be all up close and personal. I will have to play with that. Took some ranged to be able to switch to that as needed, but plan on going toe-to-toe mostly.

    Level 28 Lawful Good Dwarf Male
    (2 Paladin \ 2 Monk \ 16 Artificer \ 8 Epic) 
    Hit Points: 496
    Spell Points: 1158 
    BAB: 15\15\20\25\25
    Fortitude: 22
    Reflex: 14
    Will: 18
                      Starting            Ending          Feat/Enhancement
    Abilities        Base Stats         Base Stats         Modified Stats
    (34 Point)       (Level 1)          (Level 28)           (Level 28)
    Strength             16                 27                   28
    Dexterity            10                 14                   14
    Constitution         18                 22                   24
    Intelligence         14                 19                   19
    Wisdom                8                 12                   12
    Charisma             12                 16                   16
    Tomes Used
    +1 Tome of Strength used at level 3
    +4 Tome of Strength used at level 15
    +4 Tome of Dexterity used at level 15
    +4 Tome of Constitution used at level 15
    +4 Tome of Wisdom used at level 15
    +4 Tome of Charisma used at level 15
    +5 Tome of Intelligence used at level 19
                      Starting          Feat/Enhancement
                     Base Skills         Modified Skills
    Skills           (Level 1)            (Level 28)
    Balance               0                    21
    Bluff                 1                    12
    Concentration         8                    26
    Diplomacy             1                    12
    Disable Device        6                    39
    Haggle                1                    12
    Heal                 -1                    10
    Hide                  0                    11
    Intimidate            1                    12
    Jump                  3                    18
    Listen               -1                    10
    Move Silently         0                    11
    Open Lock             n/a                  n/a
    Perform               n/a                  n/a
    Repair                2                    36
    Search                6                    38
    Spellcraft            6                    32
    Spot                  3                    33
    Swim                  n/a                  n/a
    Tumble                n/a                  12
    Use Magic Device      5                    35
    Level 1 (Artificer)
    Feat: (Past Life) Past Life: Fighter
    Feat: (Selected) Point Blank Shot
    Level 2 (Monk)
    Feat: (Monk Bonus) Power Attack
    Level 3 (Monk)
    Feat: (Selected) Cleave
    Feat: (Monk Bonus) Two Handed Fighting
    Level 4 (Paladin)
    Feat: (Deity) Favored by the Sovereign Host
    Level 5 (Paladin)
    Level 6 (Artificer)
    Feat: (Selected) Great Cleave
    Level 7 (Artificer)
    Level 8 (Artificer)
    Feat: (Artificer Bonus) Construct Essence
    Level 9 (Artificer)
    Feat: (Selected) Improved Two Handed Fighting
    Level 10 (Artificer)
    Level 11 (Artificer)
    Level 12 (Artificer)
    Feat: (Selected) Improved Critical: Slashing Weapons
    Feat: (Artificer Bonus) Quicken Spell
    Level 13 (Artificer)
    Level 14 (Artificer)
    Level 15 (Artificer)
    Feat: (Selected) Greater Two Handed Fighting
    Level 16 (Artificer)
    Feat: (Artificer Bonus) Precise Shot
    Level 17 (Artificer)
    Level 18 (Artificer)
    Feat: (Selected) Precision
    Level 19 (Artificer)
    Level 20 (Artificer)
    Feat: (Artificer Bonus) Improved Critical: Ranged Weapons
    Level 21 (Epic)
    Feat: (Selected) Epic: Overwhelming Critical
    Level 22 (Epic)
    Level 23 (Epic)
    Level 24 (Epic)
    Feat: (Selected) Quick Draw
    Feat: (Artificer Bonus) Rapid Shot
    Level 25 (Epic)
    Level 26 (Epic)
    Feat: (Epic Destiny) Epic Destiny: Perfect Two Handed Fighting
    Level 27 (Epic)
    Feat: (Selected) Epic: Epic Damage Reduction
    Level 28 (Epic)
    Feat: (Epic Destiny) Epic Destiny: Elusive Target
    I am open with the Elusive Target, not sure how well that works, and if it is WAI.

    Past Life
    This is currently a first life 32pt build. I have the +20 stone that I can use to give me any past life I want. I thought fighter would be good, but am open to ideas for any other that would work out better. Originally I was going to go one wizzy, but realized I wasn't going to be casting much.

    For Enhancements

    I went with
    21 AP in Dwarven tree
    Tactics, Dwarven Axe line, Full Core etc.

    6 AP in Arcanotechnican

    38 in Battle Engineer
    Axe line, Weapon Attachment, Full Rune Arm line, str, Core IV

    1 Shinato Monk

    13 in Knight of the Chalice
    Turns, DM, Attack boost

    1 Henshin Mystic
    For Force power

    I rarely have run with a monk splash. But since I will be running with Rune arm and Axe, I will not be running centered so not sure if it is worth spending much in the monk enhancements. Open to some education.


    I will have to play around with as this is now a melee build, but I already have some pretty decent gear at least to start.

    Lot's of Epic T3 Cannith gear, Rock Boots, Spare Hand, Ring of Master Artifice, Ring of the Stalker, Bracers of Wind, Epic Spyglass. Most of this should serve me at the start of my run till I can look at and get other Melee focused gear.
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