Take a step back. Look at EK. Look at War Priest. Heck, just look at Inflame - I bet it stacks with more crapstuff than WC buffs do. Plus, you know, they get blur and haste.

Seriously, please look at their tree and give them something.

- Maybe make their personal capstone for Bard20 not be outclassed by ML9 lootgen.
- Maybe make Scaldic Rage not completely outclassed / replaced by one of the most common T1 ED twists - espescially if you have to freaking have Skaldic Rage going to use any of your personal DPS boosts. Dunno, maybe scale it?
- Does Recklness still not stack with items? It has sucked so long, I've not bothered to check. Make it so it can stack if not, else that is ALSO replaced by a freaking item that everyone is going to slot anyway.
- Scale frozen fury with a bard level or char level ... that thing is basically useless.

Or maybe all pure bard melee are really Spellsinger primary. Maybe WC is only for multiclass builds? (like those with 2 cleric/fvs levels so they can get Divine Might and Inflame ... or with 4 wizard)