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    7 days in a row now...

    300 xp and 2 potions of haste.

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    That's not so much shenanigans, but more a result of the extreme lack of variety in the table. Chances for that result to come up are 41-60, meaning you could roll 56, 48, 59, 42, 44, 47 and 53, and still get the same reward each time
    If they'd expand the list to include not only haste potions but also stuff like jump, waterbreathing and so on, it would look much better (and the whole daily dice would become far more interesting), but that's turbine for you.

    Red Orm

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    Default Character specific Bad Rolls

    I have one char that roll every day and has not had a single roll above 83 in roughly ninety rolls. I have another throwaway character on a different server that has rolled at least 20 times above 80 in the same time, including two or three 98-100. I wonder if there is some possible bug that occurs with some specific characters. This occurrence is basically statistically impossible without an algorithm flaw.

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