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    Default LR +20: which levels did I take first?

    I have a Ftr 2/Rog 15 who I want to redo completely. Make her into (so far) FvS 4/ Sorc 13. Problem is, I do not remember which two levels were fighter. I think first two levels were fighter, but not entirely sure. So I am concerned about running into "4 classes problem". Is there any way to find out when this or that level was taken?

    Alternatively, I can take LR +1 heart one of my toons has bouncing in the pack, redo the toon so I know fighter levels come first, then remake her properly. But that's kind of a waste of an LR +1 heart.

    Any suggestions?
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    Since both of the fighter levels granted a feat, you should be able to go to Fred to check. You drag current feats into the swap spot one at a time, and it should tell you what your level split was when you took the feat.

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