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    Default Keymap doesn't save between sessions

    I just got a brand spanking new computer with Windows 8 and it *only* has DDO on it at the moment. DDO looks great, as I have been on an old laptop for a number of years, I am quite happy with it, but my keymaps don't save, so every time I login I have to re-set them. Anyone have any idea how to make it work? Is this a DDO issue, a Win8 issue, or am I missing something obvious? I never had this problem before, across 3 different pc's and a number of years playing DDO.

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    Hey ramseyazad,

    You are not alone in this problem. Several new Windows 8 users are experiencing the same behavior. The problem is that files under the "My Documents" library, including sub-directories, are being set to read-only after creation. Any attempt to change file attributes is rebuffed by the OS. This is particularly rampant with files transferred from an older OS. I wish I could tell you about a magic bullet fix, but I haven't found one.

    There is a likely ineffectual solution from Microsoft located here.

    You can also attempt to force ownership of the library. Some have had limited success with this method.

    Several users of preconfigured Win8 machines are reporting that the version of McAfee A/V software that came pre-installed has an anti-theft encryption feature which is causing the problem. Uninstalling the bloatware appears to fix the issue.

    If all else fails, try making a new "My Documents" directory in another location and point the default library location to it.

    I hope one of these helps. Best of luck!
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