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    Default MC Hammer Looking For Backup and Ideas

    Steelrender and I have started a new project; Project Hammer.

    We've taken a few clips of video of our wonderful MC "Hammatime" as well as his hawt backup dancers. And after we have enough of these, as well as some other clips, we plan on setting it to "U Can't Touch This".

    So far we've shot video in "The Stash" as well as on our guildship / in the hot tub.

    We're looking for creative ideas and feedback regarding shoot locations and ideas for effects ...etc.
    Please post here or send ingame mail to Schrodingers or Steelrender.

    EDIT: We also have an issue with video becoming much darker... even after playing with settings heavily. Any ideas?
    EDIT2: In the screenshot below, taken from my perspective, they appear to be out of sync. However, in the same scene, in the video from the cameraman's perspective, they are in sync.

    Lastly, Turbine, any chance that we get to win the screenshot of the week contest once for every frame in the final video? =D

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    Maybe while you're at it you can add in scenes for your next masterpiece ---> Sir Mix A Lot... ...will probably need dwarf and horc pole dancers for the full "big butt effect". You know you want to film several of Cannith's finest booties shakin' it shakin' it.

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