Cheers one and all. This is just a quick shout out to any and all looking for a true guild experience.

I have been playing with Drawn By Fate (on the Sarlona server) for about 3 years now and would like to make a public announcement of praise and appreciation for them.

The current roster is comprised of a handful of DnD enthusiasts from around the country. Although we have never met in RL, it has been a pleasure getting to know them in game.

Our leader is from Alabama, our first officer from Washington state, myself from Texas, and a couple of other mainstays from (gasp) Canada.

Drawn by Fate isn't just about static play (although that is the meat and potatoes of how we have come to know each other as adventurers)

We quest together constantly and are on most nights of the week for those in the Northern Hemisphere. We gab about completion builds, exploiter builds, loot, quest modules, crafting modules, (Are the Cannith challenges really dead?), such and such we read on the forums.

This guild, its faithful members, and the fantasy of DnD are the sole reasons I still play DDO today. Sharing the comedy and tragedy of adventures with the same folks all this time is the best experience any MMO has to offer and Drawn by Fate has done that for me.

If you are a like minded player and have character space to dedicate to one of our static groups: you are invited to come check us out!
We wish to remain small so that we don't lose our personal charm. Please respond to this thread and we'll gather up a group online and enter that new raid or quest you can never seem to get a group up for.

Cheers all and good luck.