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I generally don't need to take my hand off the mouse unless I'm chatting. All my key-mapped hotbars are set to numbers 1-0 in combination with a meta key. Things like Ctrl-0 are a bit of a stretch. I did map the extra "Meta Key" to Home and subsequently mapped Home to one of my side mouse buttons. That makes a few things more manageable. It all comes down to practice. I've spent several years getting my left hand muscle memory to where it is today. The real trick is recalling where I put different abilities and so forth on various characters in the heat of battle... so many SP wasted.
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Ha! No joke. I still haven't completely settled on the "perfect and complete" setup for most of my alts, but most are 95% there.

My biggest keymapping problem is continuity. The worst offenders are cleave and great cleave, which I think are on different keys for all four of my melee alts. Gah!
hehe, now that sounds familiar

i'm trying to get healing in the same place on all my characters. so far that has worked well. still get a bit messed up as on some characters i don't want to use the panic button for a normal heal, waste so many LoH that way and i'm not in sentinel destiny at the mo while i worth towards legendary (miss my regenning LoH)

i also have a looming conflict where i'm enjoying the air savant abundant step ability in it's current placement, but my monk has the healing curse there and by the time i get abundant step on him it's going to be a pain relearning things.

my rogue has another problem where i have a whole suite of handy stuff i want to fit in the best slots. i tell myself i'm holding out on the LR until i get that INT tome from mabar, but another bit of my just doesn't want bluff as it's gonna be a pain fitting it in . epic levels will just add to that and he's getting close to cap again (by the looks of it U20 would have him at cap right now).

luckily my barbarian is miles away from a similar fate as i'm not ready to work from fury to legendary for momentum swing just yet, too much grinding for my taste at the mo with other chars to work on. might start pumping saga exp into it though.