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    Default Request: EE chest blesser


    I am a casual player and I am wanting to build an EE capable chest blesser. My current main is a 2nd life (1 wiz past life) warforged shiradi build which is very solid in EE; however chest blessing restricts me to human or half orc.

    I would love to build a self healing 2hf melee (some sort of FVS/kensai combo) but I worry about the survivability without top end gear (it's all caster stuff atm) and player skill in EE content (I do have a raiders reward box sitting in my inventory however).

    The most sensible solution seems to be to TR my Shiradi as human, relevel as the same build but use the bonus feat for the dragonmark and take pale master core enhancements up to shroud of the wraith for the negative energy self healing and extra survivability from 25% incorp. How would my low charisma affect chest blessing? I could go sorcerer but lose the SLAs (and my godlike reflex save would be lower too).

    Don't get me wrong, shiradi is great, but spamming magic missiles doesn't seem as fun as pounding on something with an ESoS.

    All suggestions appreciated.

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    I'm sorta in the same dilema here's the list I've come up with (adding my BF/WF options in case you change mind about your race requirements). I pretty much only solo EE's and Raids so MASSIVE amounts of survivability are high on my list with DPS being a close second. If you want to solo EE's you HAVE to have a ranged option for many mobs so you will see all my builds having some. ALL these archer builds are VERY stat intensive. 36 pt build and +5's in at least 3 stats are practically requirements.


    FvS Divine Juggernaut style build. 12fvs/6rgr/2mnk(no 10k but better enhancements for ranged) or 12fvs/6mnk/2rgr(would have 10k stars and free adept of forms but not much AA/Deepwood access). Basic idea is solid melee /w Manyshot for massive burst DPS And Heal for well...Healing

    Any basic Monkcher 8ftr/6mnk/6rgr uses scrolls and light monk abilities to heal has Manyshot + 10k stars. Build idea is more ranged here bust should have reasonable Melee. In my limited experience it survives mostly from killing things instantly and heals up /w Cocoon or scrolls after fight.

    *****I played a Human PM early U19 and its true DC casting basically WILL NOT WORK in anything above EN. You are forced to go 15Wiz/3FvS/2Mnk Shiradi /w NEB as a poor mans Recon. Imp Shroud (bugged at 30%) + Displacment is NICE and you barely EVER get hit. But in EE you WILL 1000% of the time get hit by a melee that procs a doublestrike for 80% of your health. At that point you are screwed if you get one more unlucky roll and ANYTHING hits you as you eek up in health a 150 at a time.


    Bladeforged Wizard Monkcherish style build. 8Wiz/6mnk/6rng Has 10k and Manyshot + Reconstruct SLA. Eldrich knight to perma Tensers, grab Sniper Shot and then you can really do a lot to specialize in melee/ranged.

    Straight up WF/BF Juggernaut - Check the build page it used to be something like 16(ish)arti/2mnk/2rgr.

    Tukaw - Sorc melee/caster hybrid. Havent seen the page in a while but it was being updated as of a few weeks back.
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