As all are very well aware of by now there was recently what I like to call a "Temporary Game Feature" in DDO that allowed for the mass duplication of items in bags. Now this brings to light some very interesting questions regarding this.

Back-story: This "Temporary Game Feature" was present on the lamannia server during the beta testing and was reported by numerous people. This is the reason I am referring to it as a "Temporary Game Feature" as it was knowingly included in the live launch from the beta.

The questions are as follows:
1.If something is present during beta and the devs know about it and it is carried over to the live version (Live version of this update launched on August 19th so it was around for about 53 days) without being fixed or a counter measure being taken does this not make it a legitimate game feature? I mean the ability to fix it was absurdly easy (just disable auto-gather on bags). Legitimate as in it was present on the beta, they knew it was a problem but yet decided to include it in the final build of the live launch.

2.I keep seeing stuff relating to 'punishing' people who used this "Temporary Game Feature" after the notice went up on the launcher, does that mean that people that used it before won't be punished? If so how would that be fair to everyone else?