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    Default Looking for build: Bard w/ rogue splash

    Bard for UMD mostly, rogue for traps and locks. Standard stuff but looking for one that uses range instead of melee preferably.

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    Default I have loosely followed this build

    make sure you read his updates at post number 11, as he changes feats and enhancements around a little bit.

    My character is a 34 pt and not 36, but so far I am not worried. My past life was a 18/2 bard/rogue combo, so I had most of the heroic gear in my bank like delving googles, tharnes googles, con opp hp greensteel gloves, silver longbow with ruby of endless night slotted, and bard's cloak. I used the +20 LR stone to make it a ranger past life because I felt that would be more beneficial to the build than the bard past life passive feat. I am excited to use my pinion that I picked up in my raider's box when I reach 23. I do not miss toughness, and I don't feel that I am too squishy. With heal scrolls and displacement, I can do alright. At level 15 I am running with 300 hitpoints and 700 spell points. I typically skip 1/2 the shrines because I scroll heal and only use the spell points for buffs (displacement, blur, fom, haste, invis, rage, and grease). I have found the paralyzing arrows at level 15 with DC26 to be pretty effective. I may be jinxing myself but I feel that with the paladin dilettante, resis 6 item, and +6 stat items, that my saves are pretty good, I seem to evade very well (but fail disintegrate).

    or there is a 28 pt build in the 2nd post here:
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