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    Quote Originally Posted by ThreeEyedBob View Post
    Really? Since expansion I have never been in a VoL group that has played the quest in excess of 2xElite, 1xHard and 1xNormal. And I would say I have played it quite a bit. This is very different from the old 10xElite, 1xHard, 1xNormal farming. People will instead revisit the quest the day after (when timer is out) for another set of runs.

    Perhaps the xp needs tweaking, but it looks to me like Turbine is almost killing the xp instead of making a balanced adjustment. GoP is about as long time wise as VoL for an experienced group yet that is left almost untouched.

    It looks to me like Turbine isnt adressing the quests based as much on difficulty and lenght, but more towards how much a quest is being played/how popular a quest is. And that is -not- the right aproach. Make other quests more attractive would be a much better aproach. I think Turbine needs to reassess the xp on the newer quests bigtime. Make questpacks attractive. It will increase sales and its a win-win situation for both players and Turbine. Same goes for the raids. Increase xp and it becomes more desirable to run them for the players and will likely increase Raid Timer Bypasses for Turbine.
    I'll say that before the XP changes, I didn't know too many people that would have run VOL 12 times in a row in one day, but even if that was the case for some more hardcore people, how much less XP would you get?

    Old :
    10xElite, 1xHard, 1xNormal
    3Elite at 100%
    4E at 90%
    5E at 80%
    6E at 70%
    7E at 60%
    8E at 50%
    9E at 40%
    10E at 30%
    Hard at 100%
    Norm at 100%

    New XP:
    1E at 120%
    2E at 80%
    3E at 60%
    4E at 40%
    5E at 20%
    6E at 20%
    7E at 20%
    8E at 20%
    9E at 20%
    10E at 20%
    Hard at 100%
    Norm at 100%

    So, everything else constant your norm, hard Elite1 and Elite2 runs are at the same XP. And your Elite3- Elite10 are at much less XP per run. That is really the absolute worst case.

    Now, what if you did the quest over 2 days? Say Monday night and Tuesday night. Say you stop after 4Elite runs

    Your normal, hard elite1 and elite 2 runs are still the same XP. Now your next Elite run is not only at a 20% bonus, but at 50% less xp pen. So E5 is 90%, E6 is 70% E7 is 50% E8 is 30% E9% is 20% E10 is 20%. By now you're not that far behind.

    If you happen to spread the quest over 3 nights, you actually come out ahead.

    As an extreme example of this, consider the case of Shadow Crypt (hypothetical case obviously)

    At level 8, you start running Shadow Crypt, your first run is Elite, which is at 20% more compared to the old XP mechanic. Your run:
    E1 120%
    E2 80%
    E3 60%
    E4 40%

    The next day, you do it again:
    E5 110%
    E6 70%
    E7 50%

    The next day, you do it again:
    E8 120%
    E9 80%
    E10 60%

    Then you get to the weekend, or a time where you can play a lot!
    E11 120%
    E12 80%
    E13 60%
    E14 20% to however many runs you want until you cap.
    E60 20%

    How much more experience are you getting this way compared to the old farm shadow crypt like mad?

    Yes, I understand that some might say, well, I play a lot every day and I don't stagger my runs, I level every day etc.
    Well, yes, for you Vol, Shadow Crypt, Wiz King, Meraud, Sane Asylum, Ringleader, Monastary and other quests will give less experience when you reach them. Don't forget that in your quest to reach level 20, more then half of the quests your play, you play only once, or at most twice. Each of those first runs is at a 20% more exp. Any time you run a quest over two days, say Shroud twice before you cap, both runs will be at 20%.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ThreeEyedBob View Post
    Nice mapout of the xp on levels and different TR situations, but not what I meant. There was a post with new base xp on epic level quests for about 10 or so quests. I was wondering if anyone had taken the time to check the new base xp both on heroic n/h/e and epic n/h/e. Im downloading and installing the Lammania client myself and I'll see if I can check them out myself and make a list if nobody else has done it.
    Ah, individual quest XP.

    I'm waiting them hit live before checking, so I can do only one run each to update wiki XP values.
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    I agree 3BC needs some major love. The loot changes were nice but the XP rewards are really sub-par.

    Restless Isles needs some love also, rarely ran and usually really long. Titan needs an EPIC...seriously...I love the quest, but I never see and groups anymore because of the gear vs. cap.

    Ataraxia's Haven could use some love also...not much out there...and since it's L10 it's a hard leveling bump.

    Really look at the L12-15 quests...those are really hard levels...the XP curve should help but revisiting the quest XP would go a long way to making it less of a grind.

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    Default Please explain why you are reducing some quest experience

    It doesn't make any sense that you are reducing quest xp, unless you want fewer people running those quests. Are you trying to enforce a slow, steady xp growth? If so, why?

    What is the point in preventing hardcore gamers from farming quests?

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    I'd love to see the FR content get a pretty big xp bump, as is they're mostly more difficult than other content at that level and gives generally less xp. Also make the late FR heroic content lower lvl, why on earth would you have any HEROIC quests at lvl 19(21 at elite)? Some sort of half epic half heroic thing? If it's half epic it should at least give that much xp/min accordingly, not less than a lvl 5 quest.

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    NEW: Balance changes to the boss fight in What Goes Up:
    Halved the number of orcs added in the final stage
    These orcs now appear in normal mode, as well
    Only one pillarless Shadovar will wander from her post at a time (note: kiting them can still result in pile-ons!)
    Orc summons have replaced the Shadar-kai in the first phase
    Half the Shadar-kai are now hammer-wielding Blackguards
    The endfight in WGU is pretty much the only challenging and fun endfight in a non-raid quest imo, why you would nerf it? And why would you double the quest XP at the same time? doesn't make any sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minrothad View Post
    The endfight in WGU is pretty much the only challenging and fun endfight in a non-raid quest imo, why you would nerf it? And why would you double the quest XP at the same time? doesn't make any sense.
    They can check which quests players do the most often. Maybe they saw that we run VoN 3 a billion times, wizking, rusted blades, demands have daily completions in the thousands, and there is like 4-5 what goes up per day per server, while WGU is coming from their latest expansion... They HAD to do something, their latest quests are abandoned and have the danger of becoming forgotten, obviously they don't want this to happen. The latest 2 ftp quests have the same dilemma, I mean is there anyone who runs them daily, or at least once a week?

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