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    Yeah well now the new method for intimidating the mobs is you have to say not only am I going to kill you, when you are raised your going to come back nekked with none of your uber lootz!!!!!

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    I've been having a lot of animation issues- haven't been paying attention to classes involved- with diplomacy and intimidate both, where they'll pull the animation and have no effect.
    Bluff, I've never had a problem with.
    On the other hand, Improved Feint has been broken for a good while, performing no Bluff action whatsoever on use.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraphim View Post
    Fly? That would break every quest in the game. You would see folks falling from the sky in Korthos and dying. It would be a rain of newbs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dandonk View Post
    Yeah. It's not "we nuked the city from orbit", it's "the city experienced a brief population drop". Check.

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