Looking for groups that want to play semi-consistently, US central time ~10pm-1am, 3-4 nights a week. I've got kids, a wife, a career, ect.

Me: a 36yr old dude, been playing RPGs/DnD since 13 - DDO is my first MMO. I'm hooked.

Currently only one character, Rogue lv.8, first run-through, VIP stat. Going pure assassin-rouge with no multi-class yet. I'll pull stats later if need be but feel it's important to say I've built this character how I like to play it. I like sneaky, stealth-attack, disarm, ect

I've never reached out to any guilds, so bear w/ me. Not sure what I'm looking for in a gaming experience (as far as groups go) with the exception of these guidelines:

- Friendly, can communicate without sounding condescending - voice can be challenging as usually the house is asleep when I play - but voice is cool/fine typically.

- I like working in a smallish balanced group (2-4). I like working as a team - not rush to the end and pick up the pieces after. I typically prefer a supporting role vrs a leading one - from a communication perspective (being directed by leader "scout a head" rather than me calling the group shots or leading the pack)

- I get it that experienced players will have a lot of insight on what's coming up in a dungeon - however it's fun for me when as a group, we discover collectively what's coming up, THEN 'leet for Exp/favor - the couple of times I've been able to play like this has been uber-fun - this way it feels like that old-school PnP vibe. I guess I'm looking for other 1st time runners if possible, with a splash of experience players

SO! Not sure if you or your guild or groups is what I'm looking for - if you think so, send me a note, user name "Jxi". Otherwise, any advice on other players/guilds is much appreciated. (email: eschriefer1 @ yahooy)

Thanks for your time,