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6 sorc gives you firewall for the early levels. Sorc, Paladin, and Cleric can all make use of a high Char so they all play well together. The way I look at a build like this is that you will be hard pressed to get into groups. So you have to be able to solo. Going Warforged could make that easier. You could then drop the cleric side without any problems.

I looked at a 12 wiz build for wraith. I would think that would be more of a monk type build. Not a big fan of those. Maybe Warforged Monk, paladin, Sorc could work? High char with paladin will give you good saves. Maybe 12 paladin / 6 sorc / 2 monk.

If I could get the aura from cleric and the burst from EK I would be happy. What type of numbers are being put out by the Eldritch Tempest attack?
about 400-500 damage with a a 1 handed weapon at 300 acid spell power and 170 force. I would assume at 300 force and an actual Epic level 2 hander the damage would be around the 800s. Part of the reason the damage is getting crippled so far is that the spell portion of the eldritch attacks can't crit and they are unaffected by metas. They will however almost never miss. Best defense and spell damage potential I found was sorc 20 41 savant/39 ek split, Best melee potential was 20 wizard AP depends on what Slas you valued and if you wanted to use cleaves. Any sorc that going to want healing needs to splash 3 wizard and go zombie. Death auras will do around 100-200 every 2 seconds healing in sub par negative gear and negative burst will heal 300-500+. If your a sorc forgo splashing a fighter / cleric for heavy armor your going to get more hp boost, faster access to healing and almost the same PRR. Cleric splashes seem to need far more investment and levels to generate the same amount of healing from just 3 wizard. You also don't need to sac even more gear slots and ap for things like healing amp.

Wizard could splash some barb for another cleave if they were going LD. They would have enough feats to support having all the cleaves.

So 20 sorc, 20 wizard, 17 sorc/ 3 wizard, 17 wizard/ 3 barb. EDs will probably be between Avatar or Drednaught depending on if you are two weapon fighting or two handed fighting.