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    Default Morninglord iconic

    I don’t understand this iconic. It’s horrible. Iconic sun elf is not cleric, is wizard. But ok, I have tried a sun elf cleric… but the numbers don’t synergize well with cleric. Not wis increases, the help to maces is minimal, not important spellcasting bonuses… this racial tree, as all racial trees, is too expensive for a caster (spellpower for point spent in caster trees don’t help to invest in racial…) Bladeforged and purple dragon knight have cool and useful features, the morninglord stuff is redundant or too expensive for a cleric.

    And why the racial tree has bow stuff? The sun elf doesn’t have bow proficiency!!! It’s weird. And not elven senses, not bonus against enchantment spells? Why not? The sun elf is an elf!!!!

    I don’t understand this iconic. He is a bad cleric, he is not an elf… At least, devs, give him the elven senses, bonus against enchantment, and bow proficiency. He is an elf!

    With the new system, races without solid racial traits are subpar. Racial tree is too costly for many builds. But the morninglord doesn’t have racial traits beside racial tree and useless bonuses with maces…

    I hate this iconic x_x
    English is not my native language. Sorry for the mistakes.

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    I luv my sun elf cleric. Does grate with light and healing spels and sla's.

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