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    Default Good class for a new player!

    I want to unlock all the content with a fresh character. I bought some kind of expansion.. actually it came with the druid class! I also have the Monk class unlocked from a long time ago during a special event to come try the game out.

    So I hear that wizard and cleric are great because you learn all spells and get to try everything out, I guess druids have a full list too and monks are well, different of a sort.

    I figured i'd go with one of these. I did make a level 4 starter character of each class, monk seemed EXTREMELY complicated with like 1000 buttons to push. Clerics had mostly buffs. Druid seemed extremely difficult. Wizard and Cleric of course seemed the most understandable.

    I sort of want to both melee and cast as well. The warpriest tree seemed interesting, but can a cleric really melee perfectly well? What weapons do they tend to level up through the game with? A 1 hander and shield or should I be using a 2 hander or dual wielding to be a warpriest? I guess its whatever I want but for a first run to 20 to unlock a 34 point build reincarnation thing as my friend mentioned, what is a good starter class in your opinion? I sort of have a good idea of feat selection from a game I played a decade ago using similar rules (Neverwinter Nights), but yeah.. tough choice!

    Even barbarian, ranger, paladin.. Geez anything sounds fun to play! I tried out a dwarven monk, Dwarven barbarian, and human everything else, and I just spent like two weeks NOT playing the game and making characters. Thankfully I get to start at level 4 to get a good feel for them with the expansion pack I bought.

    Let me know, thanks

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    for two hand i suggest bard warchanter, they are pretty good now. though not the best, but their ability to umd, buff and healing spell will definitely help you getting through most of the content..

    for one hand and shield.. well fvs are good choice, if you don't have fvs, cleric will also be a choice.. though inferior to fvs in melee wise. cleric is superior in casting ability(though short in sp)

    if you have wf race your best bet for spell character is sorc, if you don't palemaster will likely be your best choice.

    p.s. i would avoid playing paladin, barb, fighter as a new character.. usually they will have issue with dps, healing and saves..

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    WF artificer would be probably the best way, you get a mix of physical and magical combat. However, I'm guessing you probably don't have both those unlocked...and same for Monk, I assume.

    For a first life, you basically want a character that can "do it all" don't have to worry as much about specializing, which becomes more important in Epic content. Generally, DPS > defense as most content (especially Normal and Hard) isn't that dangerous. You probably will want to plan out a multiclass build, since no one class (other than Arti) has all the tools in their toolbox.

    My personal choice would be a Tempest Trapmonkey, something like 18 Rgr/2 Rogue....lots of offense, some self-healing, and the ability to deal with traps. No spellcasting, though.

    Druid isn't a bad choice for a new character, per se...if you go animal form, you wont be as dependent on getting good weapons, but conversely you wont be able to take advantage of good weapons as much if you do get them. Plus the benefit for TRing as a Druid is pretty shoddy. A 15 Druid/5 Rogue quarterstaff fighter has a lot of synergy now, though, so that's viable (I have one myself). Druid gives you self-healing, buffs, and better offensive spell choices than a Cleric or FVS.

    Melee clerics are certainly viable now with Warpriest, they were already viable before - but again, you're probably going to want to splash two levels in some other class, to gain a little more offense. /2 or /6 Ranger for TWF, /2 Rogue for THF.

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    Bard 16, 2 fighter, 2 cleric human.

    great cleave
    ic: slashing
    empower healing
    stunning blow

    Then pick up
    tactics t2 in kensai enhancements
    Divine might, toughness, and the t2 that does vulnerability on smite foe, from warpriest
    Then take as much of warchanter as you can

    Fight with a 2h weapon put points into str, cha, con

    All f2p classes and races. You'll have buffs, self healing, fascinate as a cc, and stunning blow as a cc. Make sure to always equip the best str, cha, and con items you can as both str and cha will increase your damage and con will increase your hp. After you take your first cleric level you can max your points into the heal skill for more devotion to power your healing spells.

    Hope this helps.

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    There are several new player friendly builds linked in my signature for trying things out, or even just ideas. The only one that isn't for new players is the challenge farmer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cenki View Post
    [...]Geez anything sounds fun to play! I tried out a dwarven monk, Dwarven barbarian, and human everything else, and I just spent like two weeks NOT playing the game and making characters. Thankfully I get to start at level 4 to get a good feel for them with the expansion pack I bought.

    Let me know, thanks
    In that case I'd recommend trying them all - you can always try new builds on different servers without deleting characters on the server(s) on which you already play. I do have my favorite classes, but I'm a bit like you insofar as I want to have at least a rough idea how the other classes work, and dabbling in them can be a lot of fun.

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    Cleric/FvS can nearly always find a group.

    Rogues can generate xp by disabling traps, and have the side effect of you learning where all the traps are.

    Bards are the only class that has song buffs, and are jacks-of-all-trades.

    If you are planning on soloing a lot, then the current hotness is Wiz/Rogue for DPS+Evasion+Locks/Traps.

    If you plan on having ANY Rogue levels, make sure you START as a Rogue.

    Oh, and my favorite is Monk. It seems a bit confusing at first, but it is really nothing compared to having 50 spells to choose from.
    Good damage, good defense, crowd control, Evasion, Saves, fast movement.... Monks are pretty darn cool.

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    The only class which is good by definition is paladin.

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