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    Default Hello Orien server

    Hello everyone,
    After a year off or so from playing the game, decided to fire up DDO again and see how the game has evolved.
    Really enjoying the new enhancement system and missed being able to create split builds. Not something you see out there.
    Just wanted to say Hello Orien Server

    So what's new? What'd I miss?

    ~ Manntis

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    Welcome back, man. Lots of doooOOOooom!!! and change. But, there's still some fun to be had.


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    Hi, welcome back.

    Let's see... over one year you would have missed Updates 16, 17, 18, and 19.

    Update 16:
    High Road of Shadows adventure pack has 5 quests
    New Epic Destiny: The Primal Avatar (druid based, the tree form was OP for a few months)
    New Offhand Item: Orbs (for spell casters)

    Update 17:
    Epic Gianthold, featuring the Fall of Truth raid.
    DDO 7th Anniversary
    Crystal Cove with some new/updated stuff
    New Augment Slot system, which spans all levels, and replaced the old epic augment system and guild slots.
    Daily Dice lottery
    The Shard Exchange a.k.a Astral Shard Auction House (ASAH)
    Monster Manual 3
    VIP xp bonus (+10%. stacks)

    Update 18:
    Disciples of Shadow - 2free quests that are like a prelude to Shadowfell
    New cosmetic armor system
    Tomes for character skills like spot, heal, etc.
    Gift of the master Augment: combine the VoM, Mantle, and 5 Greater Tokens in the Altar of Epic Rituals.

    Update 19:
    Shadowfell Conspiracy Xpac
    No new raid, but features 2 new areas -- Wheloon and Stormhorns
    Iconic Heroes: 4 prestige characters, they do not count as new classes. Purple Dragon Knight, Shadar-kai, Morninglord, & Bladeforged.
    Sagas (have been closed and opened like 3 times now)
    Enhancement Pass
    Level cap up to 28
    The Harbor was remodeled a bit
    Chest re-roll (costs astral shards, doesn't apply to raid chests)

    Tons of little updates, fixes, changes, bugs, etc... you'd need to read the wiki for those :P
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    Default Welcome Back Manntis!

    You were sorely missed!
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    Default Hello again

    Thank you for thoroughly answering that vcheese123. We missed you too Zee. Serinah and I have been skyping and seeing what other games are like out there. Played Aion (Korean based pvp game) not fun. Currently playing Neverwinter, real fun "Gauntlet" "Kick in the Door" style and several other games. However ...

    Things I've noticed out there in the "newer" gaming generation is the following:
    * Increased trolling activity (I'd troll too if my ideals stemmed from an uneducated bias, however I received an education)
    * Gold spammers (people posting/mail/tell etc. selling in game currency on websites for real money) can also make your account vulnerable to phishing, spam, maleware, etc.
    * P2W games (Pay to Win) games *imagine if green steel, epic, etc. items could only be bought from ddo store ...)
    * Forced PvP - Aion is good example: your lvl 20 character questing in pve zones, getting wiped by group of lvl 60's (not fun)
    * Hackers are more abundant: make sure you have good anti-virus. Dev's in games from all over are experiencing an increase in account hacking since years past.
    * Character level progression is mainly a tree path with SOME additional enhancement slots to accomodate unique builds. (not alot of build playroom)

    Ultimately, I chose to stick my head back in DDO for:
    Check up on old friends.
    Missed unique character builds, opposed to following a strict tree path.
    Missed my monk.
    Make sure my DDO safe haven was not affected by the negative aspects of what I've been seeing out there.

    I'll see you in the game ...

    ~ Mann
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    Default Heyyyy

    Hey there man, definitely missed you quite a bit. Starting up on my sos monk life now, only my 8th, but im getting there. :P
    XxMazexX the Rogue SneakATank.

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