no drama here, no demanding: but do you guys think you could at least go ahead and delete the "stock" of exploity globes and draconic soul gems that are still in the inventories of anyone who for example suddenly came into possession of I don't know, say 10, 20 or 100 or more of them?

Because it looks like they are all happly selling their ill gotten booty in preperation for their 5 day vacations. I don't really care if you Ban or not, I don't consider this the End of the World of DDO, in fact the worst angle of all this is that a few less people will repeat content a few less times. But them flooding onto the AH and ASAH still is kinda thumbing the proverbial nose at those of us who don't go out of our way to exploit.

It's more a principle of the matter than anything, as I very easily could have maxed out my Crafter on essences, outfitted every toon with a draconic soul gem even though it's a very meh augment (basically nothing more than a convenience that allows you to not care about ship buffs) etc. etc.

Just delete any stash of these that are still on characters that obviously used the exploit. Obviously too late to delete all of them, as then you're just throwing bargan hunters who may or may not have known any better under the bus.