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    Default Duplicaters anomynous

    some funny stories from another site

    Hello, My name is not important and I am addicted to duplicating.

    When I first heard of duplicating I thought there was no way it could be real. However when I saw it happen before my very own eyes, I squealed like a little girl waking up on Christmas morning to find a pony in my living room.

    At first it was just the scales... ok for about four seconds its was about the scales. I quickly started to duplicate everything I possibly could.
    I am not sure what anyone would do with 2000 prayer beads.... but yeah.

    I knew things were getting bad when my eyes started to burn from staring at a computer screen. However it did not really sink in until I called in sick for work.

    So after I found out that what I had been doing was under investigation I started to pack my treasures away like a psycho squirrel. My rock bottom was sitting front of my computer with feeling of satisfaction while I stroked my computer screen and whispered like golem... my preciousssssses.

    I may be one of the few who get a severe punishment just for sheer ludicrous quantity. But awaiting my punishment I am with a big fat smile on my greedy little face.


    i told a friend about the dupe bug and they went totaly ape****

    she spent 10 hrs straight dupeing everything conceivable in 1k to 10k stacks

    when i asked her why she did so much,she said it was the most fun she'd had in a year and found it extremly hard to stop

    i couldnt stop laughing when she told me the extent of her multiserver duping spree


    its partially turbines fault for making dupein so satisfyin

    i originally started just to see if it worked..wasnt planning any real dupeing

    then when i saw rare hard to get things magically appearing in my bag,i lost all control

    for the next 3 hrs i duped giddily with a huge smile on my face

    i didnt need any of the things i duped..i wont even use them

    but i found it very hard to stop anyway

    havnt got the ban yet but am expecting it

    i found these so hilarious i had to share...pleas share your stories.....safely

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    I am happy I had a work these days and heard about this for the first time from the hotfix and the info on launcher.

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    lol ...i guess not all duping was about profit

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