Yes, I know that the different trees' similarly-named enhancements aren't supposed to stack any more.

But what happens if I DO take similarly named enhancements from two different trees AND they have at least partially different effects?

Say, I have a toon with levels in Rogue, Cleric and Ranger. There are "Awareness" items in Mechanic, Warpriest and Arcane Archer. Mechanic has the simplest, it's only +1 listen, search and spot... but AA is +1 attack per rank too, and Warpriest gets +1 save vs traps at rank 3.

So, assuming I was silly enough to put full points into both AA and Warpriest Awareness, how would they stack? +3 listen, search, spot, attack, and +1 vs traps, or something else?

Oh, and since stat point enhancements apparently are still supposed to stack (right?), which way does Toughness work then? (Um. How many trees is that name in, again?)