I have an idea about something to think about you guys adding to the game and game play. I dont know if this can be done with toons other than Druids but maybe you can figure away how to. Anyways. As a Druid in fire elemental form, I thought it would be pretty cool if some how, say fire trap, fire spells, and really any fire damage used to kill the Druid in Fire elemental form if yall could turn that around to make it where maybe the fire damage of any kind or certain kinds could empower the druid as say give the druid more hit point, spell points, or have the damage taken by the Druid automatically turned back and fired back upon the NPC that caused the Damage say in a cold form or electrical form of damage to NPC. As well as having a water elemental Druid but having the automatic damage turned back on NPC in some kind of fire form of damage. Or even let the person who is running in either fire or water elemental druid form choose which damage they would like to send back to NPC, or even let them choose if they want hit points or spell points as say an enhancement choice?